domingo, 18 de marzo de 2007



I'm sweating pork chops under a parasol on a wide avenue in the city of Bs As. A haze has fallen that spells carne heart attack for young boys waiting on Yoga (Shoga in Argentinian) classes and employment. Considered being a waiter yesterday just to get into some kind of working routine. Still living at the hostel and there appears to be lots of teaching work to be had, I just have to get off of my arse and find those schools and get those curriculums printed off. It doesn't help that I lost the most recent copy and have had to rework the current edition on spanish computers that make it difficult to find templates...

I stumble raucously down the street hand in hand with the lovely Cachorra witnessing police molestation of innocent petrified looking youths on drug store corners and crying babes begging for change. I got out of the organized mania of Buenos Aires for a few days and contracted a social conscience in La Plata, visiting poor neighbourhoods and witnessing police intimidation. But the friends of Franco's I met there were fantastic people and welcomed me to Argentina with open arms, how sweet!

This country rocks like Keith Richards supercharged on wine and valium. I love it!

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2007

Buenos Aires

This place is HUGE!

I'd never imagined how big this place was and how full of beautiful people it is, and not just beautiful but classy looking people - unlike the slutty shop dressing of the Ticas (no offence, just an observation). It really is a small taste of European life here in Latin America, even the Spanish accent has been further europeanised to sound more Italian than Spanish at times and yes, safe to say I'm having trouble being understood by most everyone I talk to...

The taxi ride last night was a hilarious turn of events with the taxista being a racist Uruguayan who hates Argentina, Buenos Aires and all Argentinians. Errr.. A lovely welcome indeed and more news of high crime, social problems and car accidents galore.. Somebody sort this continent out!

Anyway I spent the night passing in and out of consciousness due to the return of 3 French party-goers in my hostel room. I'm investigating apartments but the one I'm looking at in San Telmo doesn't have a room available for at least another week.

Good news is I already have some contact details for some schools, one being the British language and cultural centre - sounds right down my alley! - the others are universities and private language schools so I'll have to print off some CVs to drop around over the weekend and into next week.

Off for my late night dinner now, something I'll have to get used to!

Ciao bellas!

"I've never know a Waleman"

miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2007

Born Yogi

"Estile the cuapo to the atras!"

Yoga is cool, I'm naturally flexible and the teacher, Jimmy, says I'm a born yogi and I should do yoga all my life.. Ummmm.... Well I enjoyed it and it's great meditation so'll be looking for a studio down in Buenos Aires or wherever I end up in Argentina.

Just another reason why I'm sad to be leaving San Jose, dirty city of crime and reggaeton fame. It seems like only in these last two months have I ventured away from the DVD screen and into the sunlight of friendship with the many friendly folk of the instituto britanico and the centro cultural amongst others. Shame I didn't get out more before or I may have found myself sticking around longer and enjoying the proximity of some of the world's most beautiful beaches.. Ahh well, que sera sera..... "O O O, O O shikuru..."

I managed to sell almost all of my stuff and I'll be feeling vulnerable when travelling through numerous airports with a few thousand dollars in my pockets :-P ahh well, like Telamonian Aias I will stride tall and proud to dissuade potential pickpockets.

Speaking of which I've become almost totally body obsessive what with the gym and yoga, I've decided that I am a lump of clay potential and that I will demand my body serves me rather than vice versa. I guess I'm just tired of never having had a good, strong body and now that I have so much free time there really is no excuse for not taking more care of myself - note drinking and smoking probably not included yet!

Well, here's hoping that Argentina will prove as enjoyable as San Jo has ended up! I'm full of vigour and confidence so a little open mindedness and some rapidly improving spanish should stand me in good stead.

Hasta Argentina!

"Nothing endures but change."