miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Parisian Daydreams

Looking out languidly over the rooftops of Montmartre, the coffee cooling at my side, bags packed and ready to return via Easyjet flight I'm taking, all is tranquil after nights of folie.

Reflecting on this year and all of the emotional and physical upheavals, of journeys undertaken and avenues pursued I arrive at the point of another metamorphosis and the eager anticipation of great things to come. No longer a citizen it is my duty to realise the dreams of so many people, to not play at producing but really jump into the business and make a success of yet another new life.

I spend time re-reading old conversations, notes scribbled down in journals and the reflections bring back such a sea of emotions that it's often hard to read, but I process it as best I can and continue down the streets where every step has been taken side by side, laughing together, hand in hand. Familiar roads and the unrivalled ambience of glorious frontages, I rode a velib pedalling manically on this tarmac.

I've intrigued people, much to Marcus Aurelius' contempt, with tales of Peru and cinema and bathed in the glow of passionate youths discussing art and beauty on rooftop terrasses while grumbling neighbours quarrel against loud revellers. Such enthusiasm and so much inspiration is sown, to grow strong and bold - the self-made-man born into the arms of his brothers.

Scripts and stories penned and waiting for drafting to begin, new books in old languages started in front of Notre Dame, my Bonsai have been patient for 7 years and they maximise my harmony, sharing their aura.

For those who have had confidence in me take heart, my metamorphosis will reveal a beautiful butterfly. Nothing is forgotten. Always parting but so glad to see us when we return that my heart is ever warmed.

lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Alcune parole...

Per Dante Alighieri:

Queste parole si leggon nel viso
d'un'angioletta che ci e apparita:
e io che per veder lei mirai fiso,
ne sono a rischio di perder la vita;
pero ch'io ricevetti tal ferita
da un ch'io vidi dentro a li occhi sui,
ch'i' vo piangendo, e non m'achetai pui...

I am living in a trap of my own creation, 
unable to express anything due to my self-tied chains.
I am a man in the depths of obsession
torturing myself every minute of every day. 
Eyes open or closed it makes no difference,
Angel or daemon I can not discern
but you are an ever present resident in my head.

Per Giacomino Pugliese:

La dolze ciera piagente
e li amorosi semblanti
lo cor m'allegra e la mente
quando mi pare davanti,
si volentieri la vio
quella cui eo amai;
la bocca ch'eo basciai
ancor l'astetto e disio!

L'aulente bocca e le menne
de lo petto ciercai,
fra le mie braza la tenne;
basciando mi dimandai:
"Messer, se venite a gire,
non facciate adimoranza,
che non esti bonna usanza
lassar l'amore e partire."

Allotta ch'eo mi partivi 
e dissi: "A Deo v'accomando"
la bella guardo 'nver mivi,
sospirava lagrimiando;
tant'erano li sospiri
ch'a pena mi rispondia:
e la dolze donna mia
non mi lassava partiri.

Eo non fuivi si lontano
che lo meo amor v'ubriasse,
ne non credo che Tristano
Isaotta tanto amasse.
Quando vio venir l'aulente,
infra le donne apariri,
lo cor mi trae di martiri
e ralegrami la mente.