lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008

Telemonian Aias

Bold and fast, rushing to the fore is the only way to make waves.

All time flashes by in an instant. Wouldst thou dar'st contemplate infinity for even a moment!

The comfort cleanses my weary body and cares for the soul in a neat fashion. The Antics of the weekend have passed and it's onto the week, but that's no reason to slow down, Get up! ON and through..... Atravesando todas las barreras que te impiden.. Pero ha che sappere che questi alberi sono cresciute rapida come Hermes, il messagiero...

Oh Gladiators of yore how wouldst we seem to thee?

Oh Princes and Emperors what has become of England's brightest beacons?

A rallying cry goes up in the midst of the mob, a swell is approaching.

Those left behind will be first, those with wit and courage will ascend royally!

Staring into space is better than staring at the screen but it's a case of there being an attention deficit at this moment.. And then, suddenly, the phone rings, it's surely .. pero - io no capivo niente !

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008


Take the plunge, don't stop to think, dive in head first you proud Aries prince.

The drop is not nearly death defying enough to cause any serious harm and yet all the same Winston's body is flailing like a kite with no string in a gale. The too boys plummet in and break through the water like two torpedoes, penetrating the membrane with a great double splash..

Portsmouth is not normally reknowned for it's beach culture and yet these proud princes cared not, for their whims had spawned an outbreak of merriment that had consumed the evening entirely and anon had ticked the time.. Were it not for the dizzying mix of coffee, alcohol, poetry and love that permeats the scene one might consider the pair misfits..

The truth hits both Jon and Rob at the same instant as they are submerged under the disturbed sea shore.

Up above, on the pier, a fisherman can be seen staring perplexed and confused, trying to come to terms with what had just occured..

Breaking their heads up through the surf both boys begin to splash and flap and Yorp like excited bears wrestling in the currents, they break apart and swim around the poles of the antiquated structure. Their supple young extremities limbs should rightly be exhausted, an evening spent at maximum intensity learning to breathe and assimilate the creative juices of the universe gave birth to a marauding night of smiling readings and grooving to the words and the experiences comparted that night.

It was Rob with his Baudelaean enlightened style jousting with my lairy kerouac driving texts. The prose, anecdotal prose poems and sheer enthusiasm all poured out at once, the youths both jostling each other on to greater feats of pretention and egoistical glorification! The power thrummed the air to the beat of our tongues, letting slip rhymes and improvised commentaries all to the tune of "Yes, Yes!"s and "go cat" rocks.

A favourite poem which made me rejoice at the time was Riobard, the transformed angel child's, ode to the legend of My Iron Tiger claw!

An outleashed thrust once did graze the throat of a startled lass. The world seemed to stop for this minor scene but almost as quickly restarted with the flight of said maiden, distraught at the outbreak of violence. Dan had to run on behind with his tail between his legs, how would he