lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

The Matrix has us and we can’t even see it.

It’s impossible to tell what potential
is sucked away by technology.
We're always connecting further
and deeper into the constantly
self-renewing race to delegate more &
more of our lives to a sanitised
digital existence that feeds on attention
like a transfixing vampire hovering
a few feet from our eyes.

Would it still be possible
to escape from the Matrix,
and be the one thing
you can never be while it has you.

Why else criminalise what is carnal?
Who are you protecting from my unashamed, digital-free being.
Physicality is bereft of history
& meanings of why our bodies lust strain at the leash, constrained by invisible cords.

Desire without etiquette, whomever it may be from,
is clumsy to sate on a mate or acquaintance.
Must the primordial state for men be degraded
in ugly, horrific acts of rape
while the decent few self-castrate thanks
to sanctioned entertainment,
needs fulfilled by glowing products
producing glowing eyed zombies
fed, and consumed by in equal measure,
hackneyed bullshit.
We are what we eat and we're weak not to resist what we've become.